Streptavidin-Allophycocyanin [PJ27S]

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PhycoLink® Streptavidin-Allophycocyanin

ProZyme® PhycoPro™ GT5™ APC (Spirulina platensis) was cross-linked and conjugated to Streptavidin (Streptomyces avidinii). This product is specifically designed for use in tetramer and multimer applications.

Size: 0.25 mg, 1 mg

Product Code: PJ27S


Q. Which Streptavidin-RPE and Streptavidin-APC conjugates should I use in a tetramer application?


We suggest PJRS25, which is used in the protocol developed by the NIH tetramer core facility at Emory.

PJRS27 may also be an option. We suggest staying away from larger conjugates such as PJRS34.


PJ27S Streptavidin-APC is used in the Emory tetramer protocol.

We do not suggest using PJ25S, this is a larger APC conjugate which may not be optimal for this application.  PJ25S is larger than PJ27S and may give higher signal but may also have higher background.

Product Citations
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PJ27S Streptavidin-Allophycocyanin