PerCP (Dinophyceae sp) [PB40]

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PhycoPro™ PerCP (Dinophyceae sp)

PhycoPro™ Peridinin-chlorophyll-protein complex (PerCP) is isolated from Dinophyceae sp. PerCP has an extremely high absorbance, a high quantum efficiency, a large Stokes shift and a strong excitation peak at 482 nm with its maximum emission peak at 677 nm. The protein is commonly used for fluorescent immunolabeling, particularly in applications involving fluorescent-activated cell sorting (FACS).

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Q. Do you have a protocol for conjugation of PB40 PerCP to antibodies or other proteins?

A. PB40 PerCP can be used for conjugation to protein, but will have to be activated with SMCC. Buffer exchange the PerCP into PBS, and activate with NHS-SMCC (ratios may have to be optimized).

We advise you should only activate as much material as you need for a conjugation, since the shelf life of activated PerCP is short. For this reason we do not offer a PerCP conjugation kit, or activated PerCP as a standalone product as we do for RPE and APC.

A reasonable starting point for an antibody conjugation would be 1 mg SMCC-activated PerCP:1 mg Ab, but this will need to be optimized for your particular target.

For general conjugation protocols, our PJ31K RPE Conjugation Kit describes the procedure and reagents used.

Some monoclonal antibodies may precipitate upon DTT reduction used in e.g. PJ31K protocol. An alternative protocol using SPDP/TCEP may be appropriate for antibodies that don’t fare well in DTT, and is provided in our Alternative Conjugation Protocols Tech Note.



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