Cross-linked Allophycocyanin [PB25]

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PhycoPro™ Cross-linked Allophycocyanin (APC) is the brightest and most stable form of APC available. The αβ subunits of the APC have been crosslinked to provide increased structural integrity in the presence of chaotropic salts.

Product Code: PB25

Size: 5 mg, 10 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg

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Tech Info

PB25 Technical Data Sheet 


Q. I want to desalt the 60% ammonium sulfate suspension of PB25 APC prior to e.g. activation, or sterile filtration. Can I dilute the suspension then use a spin column to desalt?

A: We would not suggest using spin desalting columns, as they don’t have the resolution to completely remove the ammonium ions. 

We would suggest using one of the following options for desalting:

1.  Dialyze the APC in PBS or your buffer of choice (be sure to perform several buffer changes over at least a day to ensure complete exchange of the ammonium ions).  Standard dialysis tubing or commercial dialysis cassettes or cartridges can be used, intact APC is around 100 kDa.

2.  Desalt using a column such as a PD-10 column from GE.  In this case the APC should be pelleted by centrifugation (and the colorless supernatant discarded) and the pellet completely redissolved in PBS (or your buffer of choice)  prior to loading on the column. This can also be used to jump-start the dialysis option above if time is a factor. We suggest a sample volume that is no more than 10% of the column bed volume, to be safe.


Product Safety Documentation for PB25:

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PB25 Cross-linked Allophycocyanin