C-Phycocyanin (Spirulina sp) [PB11]

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PhycoPro™ C-Phycocyanin (Spirulina sp)

PhycoPro™ C-Phycocyanin (CPC) is a phycobiliprotein isolated from Spirulina sp., a blue-green alga. Like other phycobiliproteins, CPC is fluorescent, with an extremely high absorbtivity and a high quantum efficiency. It is a protein which can be easily linked to antibodies and other proteins by conventional protein cross-linking techniques without altering its spectral characteristics. CPC has an absorption maximum of 620 nm and an emission maximum of 647 nm.

A620/280 > 4

Size: 10 mg, 100 mg

Product Code: PB11

Tech Info

PB11 Technical Data Sheet 


Q. I have a Turner Designs fluorometer, and have been directed towards PB11 C-Phycocyanin for use as a calibration standard. Do you have a calibration protocol?

A. We don’t have specific protocols for the use of PB11 for instrument calibration, but Turner Designs should be able to assist.

However, we do have some handling recommendations.

We would recommend taking only what you need from the vial and storing the rest undiluted at 4°C in the dark, in the original ammonium sulfate formulation buffer. While PB11 can be diluted in water, it does not store well this way. 

PB11 is not very stable when diluted in water or PBS, so only the amount needed for a single calibration should be diluted at one time and each calibration should be done with a fresh dilution of PB11. Because the dilutions will be made from fresh material, it is acceptable to use water. Since the concentration of PB11 will be very small, it is not necessary to dialyze the material to remove the ammonium sulfate prior to dilution.

One important consideration is that PB11 must be thoroughly mixed before pipetting any material out of the original container for dilution.

Our concentration specification for PB11 is 10 mg/ml, but often we supply the material at a higher concentration. The concentration is listed on the Certificate of Analysis.


Product Safety Documentation for PB11:

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PB11 C-Phycocyanin (Spirulina sp)