Gly-X™ 2-AB Express™ Cleanup Module (96-ct) [GX96-402]



The Gly-X™ 2-AB Express™ Cleanup Module is for use with Gly-X N-Glycan Rapid Release and Labeling with 2-AB Express modules. This cleanup plate is used for on-matrix 2-AB labeling as well as cleanup of free dye.


        • GX96-402 Gly-X 2-AB Express Clean-up Module (96-ct)

      Equipment and reagents provided by user:

          • Gly-X™ Deglycosylation and 2-AB Express™ Labeling 24-ct [GX24-401AB] or 96-ct [GX96-401AB]
          • Vacuum manifold (Millipore MSVMHTS00-HTS)
          • Vacuum pump (Millipore WP6211560, 110 V; WP6122050, 220V; Welch WOB-L Pump 2522)
          • ProZyme Vacuum Manifold Spacer (GX100, or GX400 Gly-X 2-AB Starter Kit - included free of charge with first Gly-X order, please contact us for details)
          • Acetonitrile (ACN), MS-grade (Fisher A955-4 recommended)
          • DI water

          Size: 1 module (96-ct)

          Product Code: GX96-402

          Tech Info

          GX96-2AB Gly-X with 2-AB Express User Manual


          Comparison of common fluorescent labels for liquid chromatography analysis of released N-linked glycans