Glyko® APTS-α(2-3) Sialylated Tetraantennary Library [GKSP-234]

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The Glyko® APTS-α(2-3) Sialylated Tetraantennary Library consists of tetraantennary oligosaccharides containing α(2-3) linked sialic acid. The reducing termini are derivatized with the fluorescent dye, 8-aminopyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonate (APTS).

Please visit the Structures tab for a list of glycans typically contained in this library, or contact us for a representative Certificate of Analysis.

The α(2-3) sialic acid linkage is found on glycoproteins produced in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells [1].  In contrast, human intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) IgG Fc N-glycans are predominantly α(2-6)-sialylated [2].  

APTS-labeled glycans may be separated by capillary electrophoresis (CE) with detection by laser-induced fluorescence (LIF), and CE-LIF glucose unit (GU values) can be calculated for each N-glycan [3]. N-glycans with α(2-6) sialic acid linkages are known to have lower CE-LIF GU values than isomeric N-glycans with α(2-3) sialic acid linkages [4]. This contrasts with hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC), where N-glycans with α(2-3) sialic acid linkages have lower HILIC-FLR GU values.

Sialic acid linkage position may also be determined by exoglycosidase digests with Sialidase S (GK80021), which releases non-reducing terminal α(2-3)-linked sialic acid, and Sialidase A (GK80040) which releases α(2-3,6,8,9)-linked sialic acid.

Size: 120 pmol

Product Code: GKSP-234


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The table below indicates the N-glycans typically contained in this library in order of migration time (shortest to longest) using QC CE-LIF methods. Due to variability in starting material, actual glycans identified in each lot may be subject to change. If you would like more information about our current lot(s), please contact us.

N-Glycans of APTS-α(2-3) Sialylated Tetraantennary Library:

Glycan Identification ProZyme Oxford (New) [1] Structure [2]
Tetra-α(2-3)-sialylated, galactosylated tetraantennary A4 A4G(4)4S(3)4
Tri-α(2-3)-sialylated, galactosylated tetraantennary NA4S3 A4G(4)4S(3)3
Di-α(2-3)-sialylated, galactosylated tetraantennary NA4S2 A4G(4)4S(3)2
Mono-α(2-3)-sialylated, galactosylated tetraantennary NA4S1 A4G(4)4S(3)1

Asialo, galactosylated tetraantennary

NA4 A4G(4)4

Structure Key [2]:

Structures drawn using GlycoWorkbench[3]. 


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Product Safety Documentation for GKSP-234:

Product/Part No. Description
GKSP-234 Glyko® APTS-α(2-3) Sialylated Tetraantennary Library 


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