Gly-SA™ Total Sialic Acid Quantitation Kit (48-ct) [GS48-SAQ]

$ 800.00


Gly-SA™ Total Sialic Acid Quantitation Kit

Rapid quantitation of total sialic acid by fluorescence or absorbance detection, either free or released from intact glycoproteins

    • Automatable, 96-well microplate format with fluorescence detection
    • Broad range of detection, 40 pmol - 1,000 pmol
    • Sample digestion, conversion, detection and quantitation may be performed in a single well for fast and simple processing
    • Enzymatic cleavage allows rapid analysis (~75 minutes or less) with minimal, if any, degradation of sialic acid

    Size: 1 kit

    Product Code: GS48-SAQ

    Tech Info

    Gly-SA Total Sialic Acid Quantitation Kit User Manual


    Product Safety Documentation for GS48-SAQ:

    Product/Part No. Description
    WS0370 SAQ Dye
    WS0371 Horseradish Peroxidase
    WS0372 Conversion Reagents
    WS0373 SAQ Buffer A
    WS0374 SAQ Buffer B
    WS0375 SAQ Buffer C
    WS0377 Sialic Acid Standard Solution
    WS0378 DMSO
    WS0376 Sialidase A


    Certificates of Analysis

    This kit contains multiple modules, each with their own Certificate of Analysis, which may be searched for & accessed here.