Glyko® α(1-3,4)-Fucosidase [GKX-5019]



Releases non-reducing terminal α(1-3,4)-linked fucose from oligosaccharides.

Almond meal.

The enzyme specifically cleaves non-reducing terminal α1-3 or α1-4 fucose residues.

After digestion with 0.2 mU/ml enzyme at a substrate concentration of 40 μM in 50 mM sodium acetate pH 5.0, 2 nmol of LNFPII is completely de-fucosylated. 3'fucosyllactose (2 nmol) was 65% de-fucosylated by 5 mU of a1-3/4 fucosidase during a 24hr incubation. However, under equivalent conditions, no fucose was release from 3' sialo-3-fucosyllactose. Higher enzyme concentrations (>2 mU/ml) are found to be required for the removal of α1-3 or α1-4 fucose residues from complex N-glycans. Complete hydrolysis of Fuc α1-3 GlcNAc from the outer arms of a di α1-3 fucosylated, di α1-2 fucosylated bi-antennary N-glycan isolated from Human parotid gland was obtained at a final substrate concentration of 1 mM and a final enzyme concentration of 3 mU/ml.

The enzyme can be used in the analysis of fucosylated O- and N-linked glycans during exoglycosidase sequencing It has also been used in the analysis and modification of blood group oligosaccharides since it is active towards the Lex antigen.

Ships with:
WS0062 5x Rxn Buffer [250 mM sodium acetate (pH 5.0)]

Lyophilized from 50 mM sodium acetate buffer, 3 mg/ml BSA (pH 5.0) [~150 μg BSA per vial]

Reaction Buffer:
5X concentrated buffer which when diluted gives 50 mM sodium acetate pH 5.0.

~106 kD

pH optimum/range:

Unit Definition:
One unit of α(1-3,4) Fucosidase is defined as the amount of enzyme which will release 1 μmole of fucose from lacto-N-fucopentaose II per minute at pH 5.0 and 37°C. Note: the enzyme is not active on p-nitrophenyl-α-l-fucopyranoside.

Size: 200 µU lyophilized

Product Code: GKX-5019

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GKX-5019 Technical Data Sheet 


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US-Glyko® α(1-3,4)-Fucosidase (almond meal)

GB-Glyko® α(1-3,4)-Fucosidase (almond meal)


US-5X Reaction Buffer

GB-5X Reaction Buffer