Glyko® APTS Maltodextrin Ladder [GKSP-503]

$ 168.00


Glyko® APTS-(Maltodextrin Ladder). A mixture of α(1,4)-linked glucose oligosaccharides with a variable number of monomeric glucose units. The reducing termini are derivatized with APTS (9-aminopyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid).

May be used as a ladder standard for N-glycan separations by CE-LIF, and can aid in the calculation of glucose unit (GU) values.  

Size: 250 pmol

Product Code: GKSP-503


Product Safety Documentation for GKSP-503:

Product/Part No. Description
GKSP-503 Glyko® APTS Maltodextrin Ladder