Glyko® 2-AB Bovine Fetuin N-linked Glycan Library [GKSB-002]

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The Glyko® 2-AB; Bovine Fetuin N-Linked Glycan Library is composed of a mixture of sialylated N-linked glycans (core non-fucosylated), consistent with N-glycans previously reported for bovine fetuin. 1,2 The biantennary glycans can have one or two of the sialic acid residues (NeuAc); the triantennary glycans can have from one to four of the sialic acid residues. The sialic acid residues are found in both "(2-3) and "(2-6) linkages. Triantennary glycans constitute ~85% of total glycans present. A small amount of penta-sialylated glycans can be detected, but their structure has not been determined. The reducing termini are derivatized with the fluorescent dye, 2-AB.

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Size: 200 pmol

Product Code: GKSB-002


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GKSB-002 Glyko® 2-AB Bovine Fetuin N-linked Glycan Library