Glyko® Sialic Acid Reference Panel [GKRP-2503]

$ 290.00


A defined mixture of 6 different O-acetylated and glycolylated sialic acids for use as standards in HPLC, HPAEC-PAD, TLC, GC and GC-MS.

Each vial contains the following 6 lyophilized sialic acids: Neu5Gc; Neu5Ac; Neu5,7Ac2; Neu5Gc,9Ac; Neu5,9Ac2; Neu5,7(8)9Ac3

Product packaged as 5 vials (1.25 nmoles/vial)

This panel is also provided with GKK-407 (Signal™ DMB Labeling Kit)

Size: 6.25 nmole

Product Code: GKRP-2503


Product Safety Documentation for GKRP-2503:

Product/Part No. Description
GKRP-2503 Glyko® Sialic Acid Reference Panel