Signal™ Reductive Amination Reagent Kit (Label-Free) [GKK-400]

$ 225.00


Signal™ Reductive Amination Reagent Kit (Label-Free)

Provides reagents to enable labeling of glycans by reductive amination (label must be purchased separately by the user). Any purified glycan or glycan pool with a free reducing sugar may be labeled. This kit allows the user to derivatize glycans with labels including 2-AA, and was introduced to allow customers of the discontinued GKK-402 Signal 2-AA Labeling Kit to continue to use the same reduction reagents with separately purchased 2-AA. Up to 36 samples may be processed (2 batches of 18). Cleanup columns and cartridges may be purchased separately.

Size: 2 sets (2 x 18 rxns)

Product Code: GKK-400


Product Safety Documentation for GKK-400:

Product/Part No. Description
WS0025 Vial B (DMSO)
WS0026 Vial C (Acetic Acid)
WS0027 Vial D (Reductant)