Glyko® InstantAB™ Human IgG + RNase B N-Linked Glycan Library [GKIB-025]

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InstantAB™-(Human IgG + RNase B N-Linked Glycan Library) 

The Glyko® InstantAB™ (Human IgG + RNase B N-Linked Glycan Library) consists of 2 blended libraries of N-linked glycans whose reducing termini are derivatized with the fluorescent dye, InstantAB. The libraries were blended to provide a comprehensive profile of biantennary, high mannose and sialylated oligosaccharides.

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Size: 70 pmol

Product Code: GKIB-025 


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Product/Part No. Description
GKIB-025 Glyko® InstantAB™ Human IgG + RNAse B N-Linked Glycan Library