GlycoClean™ S Cartridges [GKI-4726]

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GlycoClean™ S Cartridges

Cartridge used for clean up of glycan samples after fluorescent labeling. Also in combination with GlycoClean™ R to purify glycans from N-glycanase® (PNGase F) digests prior to Signal™ 2-AA or 2-AB labeling.

Size: 12 cartridges

Product Code: GKI-4726

Tech Info

GKI-4726 Technical Data Sheet  

Product Citations
  1. Cha H-M, Lim J-H, Yeon J-H, Hwang J-M, Dong-Il Kim D-I. Co-overexpression of Mgat1 and Mgat4 in CHO cells for production of highly sialylated albumin-erythropoietin. Enzyme Microb. Technol. 2017; In press, available online May 5

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GKI-4726 GlycoClean™ S Cartridges