GlycoRelease™ Glycan Hydrazinolysis Kit [GK50202]

$ 845.00



    • 3 ea Cleavage Reagent (H1)
    • Re-N-Acetylation Buffer (H2)
    • Re-N-Acetylation Reagent (H3)
    • De-salting Resin (H4)
    • Reaction Vessels
    • Spin Columns
    • Fetuin control.

Size: 1 ea (18 rxns)

Product Code: GK50202

Tech Info

GK50202 Technical Data Sheet  

Product Citations
  1. Turyan I, Hronowski X, Sosic Z, Lyubarskaya Y. Comparison of two approaches for quantitative O-linked glycan analysis used in characterization of recombinant proteins. 2014 Feb 1;446:28-36. 

Product Safety Documentation for GK50202:

Product/Part No. Description
WS0155 H1 Glycan Cleavage Reagent 
WS0152 Desalting Resin (H4)
WS0157 H3 Re-N-Acetylation Reagent

US-Vial H4 (Desalting resin)

GB-Vial H4 (Desalting resin)

GK50157 Re-N-acetylation Buffer 2 – Vial M6

US-Bovine Fetuin Control

GB-Bovine Fetuin Control

GK50250 O-Linked Cleavage Reagent – Vial H1
GK50154 Re-N-acetylation Reagent – Vial M3

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