Glyko® NA3 (G3) [GKC-035300]

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Glyko® Asialo-, galactosylated triantennary (NA3) 

Qualitative standard for glycan identification.

Alternative glycan names: G3, A3G3

Monoisotopic mass: 2005.7244

Size: 10 µg, 20 µg (2 x 10 µg)

Product Code: GKC-035300


Structures drawn using GlycoWorkbench3.  

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Q. Can I use your unlabeled glycans with dyes that label glycosylamines?

A. Our unlabeled N-glycan standards have a free reducing end (-OH), so are not suitable for labeling with glycosylamine (-NH2) reactive dyes such as InstantPC, InstantQ and InstantAB.

We offer a range of InstantDye-labeled glycan standards to support glycoslyamine labels:

Please contact ProZyme if you would like to request a glycan standard not currently offered.


Product Safety Documentation for GKC-035300:

Product/Part No. Description
GKC-035300 Glyko® NA3 (G3)