Recommended Buffers for Lyophilized Antibodies

The antibody we wish to conjugate is currently in a lyophilized form. Is there a preferred buffer we should use?


Phosphate, MES and Tris buffers will all work for the DTT reduction step. EDTA is included because it hinders reoxidation of the reduced antibody sulfhydryls. After reduction the antibody is put though a desalting column which exchanges it into the correct buffer for the conjugation step.

If your antibody is lyophilized without buffer salts, you could redissolve it in any of the above neutral buffers. ProZyme would recommend phosphate because we have the most experience with that. If the antibody is lyophilized with a buffer salt other than phosphate included it should be OK to use that buffer (you might want to add some EDTA if it is not already present).