N-Glycan Standards

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Glycan ProZyme name Oxford name1 CFG structure2 Unlabeled InstantPC InstantAB 2-AB 2-AA InstantQ APTS
Complex-type Native N-Glycans
G0-N NGA2-N A1 GKSB-401 GKSP-401
G0 NGA2 A2 GKC-004300 GKPC-301 GKIB-301 GKSB-301 GKSA-301 GKSQ-301 GKSP-301
G0F-N NGA2F-N F(6)A1 GKSB-402 GKSP-402
G0F NGA2F F(6)A2 GKC-004301 GKPC-302 GKIB-302 GKSB-302 GKSA-302 GKSQ-302 GKSP-302
G0FB NGA2FB F(6)A2B GKC-004311 GKSB-303
G1 NA2G1 A2G1 GKC-014300 GKPC-317 GKIB-317 GKSB-317 GKSQ-317 GKSP-317
G1F NA2G1F F(6)A2G1 GKC-014301 GKPC-316 GKIB-316 GKSB-316 GKSA-316 GKSQ-316 GKSP-316
G2 NA2 A2G(4)2 GKC-024300 GKPC-304 GKIB-304 GKSB-304 GKSA-304 GKSQ-304 GKSP-304
G2F NA2F F(6)A2G(4)2 GKC-024301 GKPC-305 GKIB-305 GKSB-305 GKSA-305 GKSQ-305 GKSP-305
G2FB NA2FB F(6)A2BG(4)2 GKC-024311 GKSB-306
G2S1 A1 A2G(4)2S(6)1 GKC-124300 GKIB-311 GKSB-311 GKSA-311 GKSP-311
G2FS1 A1F F(6)A2G(4)2S(6)1 GKC-124301 GKPC-315 GKIB-315 GKSB-315 GKSA-315 GKSQ-315 GKSP-315
G2S2 A2 A2G(4)2S(6)2 GKC-224300 GKPC-312 GKIB-312 GKSB-312 GKSA-312 GKSQ-312 GKSP-312
G2FS2 A2F F(6)A2G2S(6)2 GKC-224301 GKPC-313 GKIB-313 GKSB-313 GKSA-313 GKSQ-313 GKSP-313
G2F with 2 alpha gal


F(6)A2G(4)2Ga(3)2 GKSB-318 GKSP-318
A3 NGA3 A3 GKC-005300 GKIB-307 GKSB-307 GKSA-307
G3 NA3 GKC-035300 GKSB-308 GKSA-308
G3S3 A3 A3G(4)3S(6)3 GKC-335300 GKSB-314
A4 NGA4 A4 GKC-006300 GKSB-309 GKSA-309
G4 NA4 A4G(4)4 GKC-046300 GKSB-310
High Mannose-type Native N-Glycans
Man5 MAN-5 M5 GKM-002500 GKPC-103 GKIB-103 GKSB-103 GKSA-103 GKSQ-103 GKSP-103
Man6 MAN-6 M6 GKM-002600 GKPC-104 GKIB-104 GKSB-104 GKSA-104 GKSQ-104 GKSP-104
Man7 MAN-7 M7 GKM-002700 GKPC-105 GKIB-105 GKSB-105 GKSA-105 GKSQ-105 GKSP-105
Man8 MAN-8 M8 GKM-002800 GKPC-106 GKIB-106 GKSB-106 GKSA-106 GKSQ-106 GKSP-106
Man9 MAN-9 M9 GKM-002900 GKPC-107 GKIB-107 GKSB-107 GKSA-107 GKSQ-107 GKSP-107
Hybrid-type Native N-Glycan
Hybrid HYBR M5A1B GKH-003510 GKSB-111
Native N-Glycan Cores
NF NF GKR-001001
NN NN GKR-002000 GKSB-100
NNF NNF GKR-002001
Man1 MNN M1 GKR-002100
Man1F MNNF F(6)M1 GKR-002101
Man3 M3N2 M3 GKR-002300 GKSB-101
Man3F M3N2F F(6)M3 GKR-002301 GKSB-102
N-Glycan Libraries
Human IgG N-Glycan Library GKLB-005 GKPC-005 GKIB-005 GKSB-005 GKSA-005 GKSQ-005 GKSP-005
Human α1-acid glycoprotein N-Glycan Library GKLB-001 GKIB-001 GKSB-001 GKSA-001
Bovine Fetuin N-Glycan Library GKLB-002 GKIB-002 GKSB-002 GKSA-002
RNase B N-Glycan Library (High Mannose) GKIB-009 GKSQ-009
Biantennary & High Mannose Partitioned Library GKIB-520 GKSB-520 GKSP-520
α(2-3) Sialylated Biantennary N-Glycan Library GKSB-232 GKSP-232
α(2-6) Sialylated Biantennary N-Glycan Library GKSB-262 GKSP-262
α(2-3) Sialylated Triantennary N-Glycan Library GKSB-233 GKSP-233
α(2-6) Sialylated Triantennary N-Glycan Library GKSB-263 GKSP-263
α(2-3) Sialylated Tetraantennary N-Glycan Library GKSB-234 GKSP-234
α(2-6) Sialylated Tetraantennary N-Glycan Library GKSB-264 GKSP-264

 Structure key3:


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