Advance your workflow with Gly-X rapid deglycosylation coupled to 2-AB Express labeling

We are proud to announce the launch of Gly-Rapid N-Glycan Release and Labeling with 2-AB Express.  The new on-matrix 2-AB Express labeling method developed by ProZyme eliminates the lengthy dry down step of traditional 2-AB protocols.  Combined with rapid deglycosylation and cleanup, samples are ready for analysis in ~ 2.5 hours total time

Sample Prep

  • Traditional reductive amination 2-AB chemistry
  • 5-minute in-solution deglycosylation
  • 1 hour on-matrix 2-AB Express labeling, no dry down
  • Rapid vacuum plate-based cleanup


Other labels available for the Gly-X Platform: 

  • InstantPC, a novel instant N-glycan label for liquid chromatography separations that provides markedly increased MS and HILIC-FLR sensitivity. 
  • APTS, a traditional N-glycan label for capillary electrophoresis separations. 
  • InstantQ, a negatively charged N-glycan label for capillary electrophoresis (CE), designed for use with our Gly-Q N-glycan analysis platform.
  • InstantAB, ProZyme’s original InstantDye which allows room temperature, instant labeling of released N-glycans. 

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