Desalting Columns

I need more of the desalting columns (A & B) that are supplied with your RPE conjugation kit (PJ31K). Where can I get them? Can they be re-used/regenerated? What about Spin Column D?


Desalting columns (Columns A & B) may be purchased from GE Healthcare (PD-10, catalog #17-0851-01). Initially we used columns from Pierce Chemical (catalog #43232), so you may see some difference in the appearance from each supplier. Column material is cross-linked dextran. Please note that the columns must be equilibrated before use.

Columns A & B may be re-used several times. To prepare a column for initial use or re-use, simply wash it with 5 - 10 column volumes of the appropriate buffer (recipes for buffers used in the Conjugation Protocol may be found in the Appendix of the PJ31K manual). We have used these columns 2 - 4 times over the course of a day, but we haven’t kept used columns for longer periods. You might be able to do so, but microbial growth is a concern.

Spin Column D may be purchased separately from Bio-Rad (Bio-Spin P-6 Gel Columns, catalog #7326002).