Citations - Sialidases

Tissue-based metabolic labeling of polysialic acids in living primary hippocampal neurons

Kang, K; Joo, S; Choi, JY; Geum, S; Hong, SP; Lee, SY; Kim, YH; Kim, SM; Yoon, MH; Nam, Y; Lee, KB; Lee, HY; Choi, IS; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.; 2015; 112(3): E241-8.

Snippet: “…To remove sialic acids, the boiled protein samples were dried completely in a speed-vac system and redistributed in 14 μL deionized water followed by the addition of 4 μL 5× reaction buffer and 2 μL Sialidase A (ProZyme) solution containing 40 units Sialidase A…”

Product: Sialidase A

Golgi self-correction generates bioequivalent glycans to preserve cellular homeostasis

Mkhikian, H; Mortales, CL; Zhou, R; Khachikyan, K; Wu, G; Haslam, SM; Kavarian, P; Dell, A; Demetriou, M. Elife; 2016; 5:e14814.

Snippet: “… N-glycans were digested by endo-β- 498 galactosidase (AMS Biotechnology) or Sialidase A (ProZyme) prior to permethylation 499 and mass spectrometry analysis. …”

Product: Sialidase A

Hinge-Region O-Glycosylation of Human Immunoglobulin G3 (IgG3)

Plomp, R; Dekkers, G; Rombouts, Y; Visser, R; Koeleman, CA; Kammeijer, GS; Jansen, BC; Rispens, T; Hensbergen, PJ; Vidarsson, G; Wuhrer, M; Mol. Cell Proteomics; 2015; 14(5): 1373-84.

Snippet: “… The sample was then dried in a centrifugal vacuum concentrator (Eppendorf), and resuspended by the addition of 16 μl of Milli-Q-purified water, 2 μl 50 mm sodium acetate (pH 5.5), 1 μl sialidase (Sialidase A, ProZyme, Hayward , California), and 1 μl of galactosidase...”

Product: Sialidase A, galactosidase

Evidence for Differential Glycosylation of Trophoblast Cell Types

Chen, Q; Pang, PC; Cohen, ME; Longtine, MS; Schust, DJ; Haslam, SM; Blois, SM; Dell, A; Clark, GF; Mol. Cell Proteomics; 2016; 15(6): 1857-66.

Snippet: “… Purified, underivatized N-glycans were incubated with sialidase S (recombinant from Streptococcus pneumonia, ProZyme, Hayward, California) or β1,4- galactosyltransferase (from bovine milk, Merck, Kenilworth, NJ) separately. …”

Product: Sialidase S

Simultaneous enrichment of cysteine-containing peptides and phosphopeptides using a Cysteine-specific Phosphonate Adaptable Tag (CysPAT) in combination with TiO2 chromatography

Huang, H; Pedersen, MH; Vea, MI; Lassen, PS; Larsen, MR; Palmisano, G; Mol. Cell Proteomics; 2016.

Snippet: “… Alkaline phosphatase, PNGase F and endoprotease Asp-N were obtained from New England Biolabs (Ipswich,MA). Glyko® Sialidase C™ was from ProZyme, Hayward, California…”

Product: Sialidase C

Glycomic Characterization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Derived from a Patient Suffering from Phosphomannomutase 2 Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation (PMM2-CDG)

Thiesler, CT; Cajic, S; Hoffmann, D; Thiel, C; van Diepen, L; Hennig, R; Sgodda, M; Weiβmann, R; Reichl, U; Steinemann, D; Diekmann, U; Huber, NM; Oberbeck, A; Cantz, T; Kuss, AW; Körner, C; Schambach, A; Rapp, E; Buettner, FF; Mol. Cell Proteomics; 2016; 15(4): 1435-52.

Snippet: “…Following specific enzymes were used: α(2–3) sialidase (Sialidase S, recombinant from Streptococcus pneumoniae, expressed in Escherichia coli; ProZyme, Hayward, California), α(2–3,6,8) sialidase (Sialidase A, recombinant from Arthrobacter ureafaciens, expressed in Escherichia coli; ProZyme), α(1–3,4) fucosidase (recombinant from Xanthomonas; QA-Bio), α(1–2) fucosidase (recombinant from Xanthomonas manihotis, expressed in Escherichia coli; New England Biolabs, Ipswich, MA), α(1–2,3,4,6) fucosidase (from bovine kidney; ProZyme), β(1–3) galactosidase (recombinant from Xanthomonas manihotis, expressed in Escherichia coli; New England Biolabs), β(1–4) galactosidase (recombinant from Bacteroides fragilis, expressed in Escherichia coli; New England Biolabs), β(1–4,6) galactosidase (from Jack bean; ProZyme), β(1–2,3,4,6)-N-acetylglucosaminidase (recombinant from Xanthomonas manihotis, expressed in Escherichia coli; New England Biolabs), α(1–2,3,6) mannosidase (from Jack bean; ProZyme)...”

Product: Sialidase S, Sialidase A, β(1–4,6) galactosidase, α(1–2,3,4,6) fucosidase, β(1–4,6) galactosidase, α(1–2,3,6) mannosidase

Site-Specific Mapping of Sialic Acid Linkage Isomers by Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Guttman, M; Lee, KK; Anal. Chem.; 2016; 88(10): 5212-7.

Snippet: “…The samples were diluted 16-fold in 20 mM Tris pH 8.0 and proteins were digested with TPCK-treated trypsin (SigmaAldrich) at a 1:50 ratio of trypsin−substrate overnight at 37 °C and subsequently quenched with 1 mM PMSF. A volume of 100 μL of the digest was treated with 10 mU Sialidase A (Arthrobacter ureafaciens, ProZyme, Hayward, California) at 37 °C for 4 h. A second 100 μL portion was acidified to pH 6.0 with sodium acetate and treated with 10 mU Sialidase S (Streptococcus pneumoniae, ProZyme) at 37 °C for 4 h. 3′ and 6′ sialyl-N-acetyllactosamines (SLNs) were purchased from ProZyme, Hayward, California...”

Product: Sialidase A, Sialidase S, 3′ and 6′ sialyl-N-acetyllactosamines

Site-specific analysis of von Willebrand factor O-glycosylation

Solecka, BA; Weise, C; Laffan, MA; Kannicht, C; J. Thromb. Haemost.; 2016; 14(4): 733-46.

Snippet: “… Sialidase A (Arthrobacter ureafaciens, ProZyme, Hayward) in 50 mM sodium phosphate buffer (pH 6.0). Glycosidase digestion of the HPLC fractions Sialidase A (Arthrobacter ureafaciens, ProZyme, GK80040) digestion was performed using 10 mU enzyme per 80 µg substrate. …”

Product: Sialidase A

Atlantic Salmon Carries a Range of Novel O-Glycan Structures Differentially Localized on Skin and Intestinal Mucins

Jin, C; Padra, JT; Sundell, K; Sundh, H; Karlsson, NG; Lindén, SK; J. Proteome Res.; 2015; 14(8): 3239-51.

Snippet: “…Desialylation was performed by using sialidase A (cleaves all nonreducing terminal branched and unbranched sialic acids, α2-3, -6, -8, and -9 linkages) or S (removes sialic acids with α2,3-linkage, ProZyme, California). …”

Product: sialidase S

The criticality of high-resolution N-linked carbohydrate assays and detailed characterization of antibody effector function in the context of biosimilar development

Brady, LJ; Velayudhan, J; Visone, DB; Daugherty, KC; Bartron, JL; Coon, M; Cornwall, C; Hinckley, PJ; Connell-Crowley, L; MAbs; 2015; 7(3): 562-70.

Snippet: “…For sialidase A treatment, 100 mg of antibody were combined with 1200 mL of enzyme (5 U/mL) (ProZyme), 1200 mL of reaction buffer (250 mM sodium phosphate, pH 6.0), and 4200 mL of Milli-Q water...”

Product: Sialidase A

Evaluation of the structural, physicochemical, and biological characteristics of SB4, a biosimilar of etanercept

Cho, IH; Lee, N; Song, D; Jung, SY; Bou-Assaf, G; Sosic, Z; Zhang, W; Lyubarskaya, Y; MAbs; 2016; 8(6): 1136-55.

Snippet: “…The sample was digested with Lys-C (Roche, 11047825001) or trypsin (Roche, 11047841001) at 37C for 16 hours and subsequently with PNGase F (NEB, P0704L) and sialidase A (ProZyme, GK80040) at 37C for 4 hours...”

Product: Sialidase A(GK80040)

Reduced sialylation impacts ventricular repolarization by modulating specific K+ channel isoforms distinctly

Ednie, AR; Bennett, ES; J. Biol. Chem.; 2015; 290(5): 2769-83.

Snippet: “… lysates. First, 100,000 × g membrane protein from WT ventricles was treated with sialidase A (ProZyme GK80040) following the manufacturer's recommendations or with a sham consisting of the same buffer without the enzyme. …”

Product: Sialidase A

Development of stage-dependent glycans on the Fc domains of IgG antibodies of ALS animals

Edri-Brami, M; Sharoni, H; Hayoun, D; Skutelsky, L; Nemirovsky, A; Porgador, A; Lichtenstein, RG; Exp. Neurol.; 2015; 267: 95-106.

Snippet: “… Removing sialic acid residues from IgG Fc N-glycans. Purified IgG antibodies were incubated with 1 U/ml Arthrobacter ureafaciens sialidase (ABS) (ProZyme) in 100 μl sodium-phosphate buffer (pH 6) for 18 h at 37 °C, under rotation conditions. …”

Product: Arthrobacter ureafaciens sialidase (ABS)

Unmasking of CD22 Co-receptor on Germinal Center B-cells Occurs by Alternative Mechanisms in Mouse and Man

Macauley, MS; Kawasaki, N; Peng, W; Wang, SH; He, Y; Arlian, BM; McBride, R; Kannagi, R; Khoo, KH; Paulson, JC; J. Biol. Chem.; 2015; 290(50): 30066-77.

Snippet: “… by release of N-glycans and O-glycans by peptide:N-glycosidase F digestion and reductive elimination in 1 m NaBH4, 0.05 m NaOH, respectively, with and without additional digestion by α2–3-sialidase (sialidase S, recombinant, Escherichia coli, ProZyme), as described in …”

Product: α2–3-sialidase (sialidase S)

Porcine Sapelovirus Uses α2,3-Linked Sialic Acid on GD1a Ganglioside as a Receptor

Kim, DS; Son, KY; Koo, KM; Kim, JY; Alfajaro, MM; Park, JG; Hosmillo, M; Soliman, M; Baek, YB; Cho, EH; Lee, JH; Kang, MI; Goodfellow, I; Cho, KO; J. Virol.; 2016; 90(8): 4067-77.

Snippet: “…Other reagents included [ 35 S]methionine-cysteine (PerkinElmer), neuraminidase (NA; Sigma-Aldrich), and sialidase S (SS; ProZyme). The following antibodies were used in …”

Product: Sialidase S

Sweet characterisation of prostate specific antigen using electrochemical lectin-based immunosensor assay and MALDI TOF/TOF analysis: Focus on sialic acid

Pihikova, D; Pakanova, Z; Nemcovic, M; Barath, P; Belicky, S; Bertok, T; Kasak, P; Mucha, J; Tkac, J; Proteomics; 2016;: .

Snippet: “… Unspecific α-(2,3,6,8)-neuraminidase from Clostridium perfringens was obtained from New England BioLabs (Ipswich, MA) and GlycoSialidase S from Streptococcus pneumoniae, specific for α-(2,3)-linked sialic acid was obtained from ProZyme, Hayward, California. …”

Product: Sialidase S

Glycosyltransferases involved in the synthesis of MUC-associated metastasis-promoting selectin ligands

Chachadi, VB; Bhat, G; Cheng, PW; Glycobiology; 2015; 25(9): 963-75.

Snippet: “…The immunoprecipitate was also treated with mixed glycosidases containing neuraminidase, β1-4galactosidase/β-N-acetylglucosaminidase and O-glycanase (ProZyme, California)...”

Product: neuraminidase, β1-4galactosidase/β-N-acetylglucosaminidase, O-glycanase

In vitro biological characterization of IFN-β-1a major glycoforms

Mastrangeli, R; Rossi, M; Mascia, M; Palinsky, W; Datola, A; Terlizzese, M; Bierau, H; Glycobiology; 2015; 25(1): 21-9.

Snippet: “… Enzymatic desialylation. Desialylation of IFN-β-1a drug substance was induced by enzymatic treatment with Sialidase A (ProZyme) according to the following procedure. Approximately 200 μg of IFN-β-1a drug substance were …”

Product: Sialidase A

Glycomic characterization of basal tears and changes with diabetes and diabetic retinopathy

Nguyen-Khuong, T; Everest-Dass, AV; Kautto, L; Zhao, Z; Willcox, MD; Packer, NH; Glycobiology; 2015; 25(3): 269-83.

Snippet: “…Streptococcus pneumoniae sialidase (α2–3); Arthrobacter ureafaciens sialidase (α2–3, 6, 8); almond meal α-fucosidase (α1–3, 4); bovine testes β galactosidase (β1–3, 4, 6), Streptococcus pneumoniae β galactosidase (β1–4) purchased from ProZyme, California…”

Product: Streptococcus pneumoniae sialidase (α2–3); Arthrobacter ureafaciens sialidase (α2–3, 6, 8), almond meal α-fucosidase (α1–3, 4); bovine testes β galactosidase (β1–3, 4, 6), Streptococcus pneumoniae β galactosidase (β1–4)

Occurrence of free sialyl oligosaccharides related to N-glycans (sialyl FNGs) in animal sera

Seino, J; Fujihira, H; Nakakita, SI; Masahara-Negishi, Y; Miyoshi, E; Hirabayashi, J; Suzuki, T; Glycobiology; 2016;: .

Snippet: “… For a linkage analysis of sialic acid, α2,3-specific sialidase (GLYKO Sialidase S from Streptococcus pneumonia, ProZyme) was used; digestion was carried out using 2 μl of enzyme in a 20 μl reaction volume with the buffer provided by the company at 37oC overnight. …”

Product: Sialidase S

Anti-lubricin monoclonal antibodies created using lubricin-knockout mice immunodetect lubricin in several species and in patients with healthy and diseased joints

Ai, M; Cui, Y; Sy, MS; Lee, DM; Zhang, LX; Larson, KM; Kurek, KC; Jay, GD; Warman, ML; PLoS ONE; 2015; 10(2): e0116237.

Snippet: “…Five μg of purified human lubricin was diluted in 100 μl reaction buffer (50 mM NaHPO3, pH 7.2, 0.01% w/v BSA) and treated with 80 mU of neuraminidase (ProZyme, Hayward, California) and/or 4 mU of O-glycosidase (Roche, Germany) at 37°C overnight…”

Product: Neuraminidase

Intraventricular Sialidase Administration Enhances GM1 Ganglioside Expression and Is Partially Neuroprotective in a Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease

Schneider, JS; Seyfried, TN; Choi, HS; Kidd, SK; PLoS ONE; 2015; 10(12): e0143351.

Snippet: “…Vibrio cholera (VCS) sialidase (ProZyme, Hayward, California) was prepared in sterile artificial cerebral spinal fluid (aCSF: 150mM Na, 3mM K, 1.4mM Ca, 0.8mM Mg, 1mM P and 155mM Cl) at doses of 0.25, 0.50, or 1.0 U/mL and loaded into Alzet osmotic minipumps (Model 2004 …”

Product: Vibrio cholera (VCS) sialidase

The Cytotoxicity of Elderberry Ribosome-Inactivating Proteins Is Not Solely Determined by Their Protein Translation Inhibition Activity

Shang, C; Chen, Q; Dell, A; Haslam, SM; De Vos, WH; Van Damme, EJ; PLoS ONE; 2015; 10(7): e0132389.

Snippet: “…Sialidase cleavage was carried out using Sialidase S (ProZyme) and Sialidase A (ProZyme) in 50 mM sodium acetate, pH 5.5. Sialic acids were cleaved using Sialidase S (ProZyme) and Sialidase A (ProZyme) in 50 mM sodium acetate, pH 5.5 …”

Product: Sialidase S, Sialidase A

Neutralizing inhibitors in the airways of naïve ferrets do not play a major role in modulating the virulence of H3 subtype influenza A viruses

Job, ER; Pizzolla, A; Nebl, T; Short, KR; Deng, YM; Carolan, L; Laurie, KL; Brooks, AG; Reading, PC; Virology; 2016; 494: 143-57.

Snippet: “…In some assays, chicken erythrocytes were treated for 60 min at 37 °C with sialidase from Streptococcus pneumoniae (ProZyme, California), which is specific for SIA linked to the underlying sugar in α2,3 linkage (SIAα(2,3)) then washed and used in hemagglutination titrations...”

Product: Sialidase from Streptococcus pneumoniae

Comparison of milk oligosaccharides pattern in colostrum of different horse breeds

Difilippo, E; Willems, HA; Vendrig, JC; Fink-Gremmels, J; Gruppen, H; Schols, HA; J. Agric. Food Chem.; 2015; 63(19): 4805-14.

Snippet: “…Exoglycosidase Degradation To determine the linkage type of the sialic acid decorating the EMOS, two types of sialidases were used: Sialidase S and Sialidase T (ProZyme, Hayward, California)…”

Product: Sialidase S , Sialidase T

Enzymatic Decoration of Prebiotic Galacto-oligosaccharides (Vivinal GOS) with Sialic Acid Using Trypanosoma cruzi trans-Sialidase and Two Bovine Sialoglycoconjugates as Donor Substrates

Wilbrink, MH; ten Kate, GA; Sanders, P; Gerwig, GJ; van Leeuwen, SS; Sallomons, E; Klarenbeek, B; Hage, JA; van Vuure, CA; Dijkhuizen, L; Kamerling, JP; J. Agric. Food Chem.; 2015; 63(25): 5976-84.

Snippet: “… Following the same analysis protocol, the ratios of (α2–3)- and (α2–6)-linked sialic acid in GMP and BPG were determined by comparing the release of sialic acid by linkage-type nonspecific sialidase A (ProZyme, Hayward, California) and (α2–3)-specific sialidase S (ProZyme). …”

Product: Linkage-type nonspecific sialidase A, (α2–3)-specific sialidase S

A novel approach for quantitation of nonderivatized sialic acid in protein therapeutics using hydrophilic interaction chromatographic separation and nano quantity analyte detection

Chemmalil, L; Suravajjala, S; See, K; Jordan, E; Furtado, M; Sun, C; Hosselet, S; J Pharm Sci; 2015; 104(1): 15-24.

Snippet: “… Sialidase-A was purchased from ProZyme. Sialidase-A Digestion of Samples for HPLC/NQAD Method. For enzymatic digestion, 5.0 mg/mL sample was mixed with sialidase-A (ProZyme) and 5X reaction buffer (ProZyme)…”

Product: Sialidase A

Effect of alpha 2,6 sialylation on integrin-mediated adhesion of breast cancer cells to fibronectin and collagen IV

Yuan, Y; Wu, L; Shen, S; Wu, S; Burdick, MM; Life Sci.; 2016; 149: 138-45.

Snippet: “…Clostridium perfringens sialidase (CP, specificity of cleavage: α2,3 > α2,6 sialylation) and Arthrobacter ureafaciens sialidase and (AU, specificity of cleavage: α2,6 > α2,3 sialylation) were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (St. Louis, MO) and ProZyme, Hayward, California…”

Product: Arthrobacter ureafaciens sialidase

Glycan specificity of neuraminidases determined in microarray format

McCombs, JE; Diaz, JP; Luebke, KJ; Kohler, JJ; Carbohydr. Res.; 2016; 428: 31-40.

Snippet: “… Arthrobacter ureafaciens neuraminidase (AUNA) was purchased from ProZyme (GK80040)…”

Product: Arthrobacter ureafaciens neuraminidase (AUNA)

Aberrant glycosylation of αvβ3 integrin is associated with melanoma progression

Pocheć, E; Bubka, M; Rydlewska, M; Janik, M; Pokrywka, M; Lityńska, A; Anticancer Res.; 2015; 35(4): 2093-103.

Snippet: “… saminidase H (Endo H) from Streptomyces plicatus (11 088 726 001) were obtained from Roche (Mannheim, Germany), Streptococcus pneumoniae sialidase (N7271) from Sigma-Aldrich and Arthrobacter ureafaciens sialidase (GK80040) from ProZyme, Hayward, California …”

Product: Arthrobacter ureafaciens sialidase (GK80040)

인플루엔자 바이러스 검출을 위한 종이 기반 neuraminidase 효소 활성 평가 센서 개발

Hwang, C; Jeong, S; Park, H; Lee, C; Kim, Y; Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering; 2016; 54(3): 386.

Snippet: “… - 2. 실 험 2-1. 실험 재료 Glyko ® sequencing-grade Neuraminidase (Sialidase) A (N-acetylneuraminate glycohydrolase)는 ProZyme사 제품으로 0.1 M potassium acetate Fig. 1. Schematic of the paper-based neuraminidase assay sensor (PNAS). …”

Product: Neuraminidase (Sialidase A, N-acetylneuraminate glycohydrolase)

Alteration of matrix metalloproteinase-3 O-glycan structure as a biomarker for disease activity of rheumatoid arthritis

Takeshita, M; Kuno, A; Suzuki, K; Matsuda, A; Shimazaki, H; Nakagawa, T; Otomo, Y; Kabe, Y; Suematsu, M; Narimatsu, H; Takeuchi, T; Arthritis Res. Ther.; 2016; 18(1): 112.

Snippet: “… For sialic acid digestion, IP samples were incubated with Sialidase A (ProZyme, Hayward, California) at 37 °C for 1 h before applying them to lectin microarrays (LecChip; GlycoTechnica, Yokohama, Japan). Western blot analysis. …”

Product: Sialidase A

Lubricin/Proteoglycan 4 Binding to CD44 Receptor: A Mechanism of the Suppression of Proinflammatory Cytokine-Induced Synoviocyte Proliferation by Lubricin

Al-Sharif, A; Jamal, M; Zhang, LX; Larson, K; Schmidt, TA; Jay, GD; Elsaid, KA; Arthritis & rheumatology; 2015; 67(6): 1503-13.

Snippet: “… Impact of the removal of mucin-domain glycosylations on the binding of rhPRG4 to CD44. Recombinant human PRG4 was digested for 16 hours at 37°C using sialidase A (ProZyme)...”

Product: sialidase A

Global N-linked Glycosylation is Not Significantly Impaired in Myoblasts in Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes Caused by Defective Glutamine-Fructose-6-Phosphate Transaminase 1 (GFPT1)

Chen, Q; Müller, JS; Pang, PC; Laval, SH; Haslam, SM; Lochmüller, H; Dell, A; Biomolecules; 2015; 5(4): 2758-81.

Snippet: “…Released N- and O-glycans were permethylated and then purified using a Sep-pack C18 cartridge (Waters, Milford, MA) prior to MS analysis. Sialidase cleavage was carried out using sialidase S (ProZyme, California) in 50 mM sodium acetate, pH 5.5…”

Product: Sialidase S

Identification of putative novel O-glycosylations in the NK killer receptor Ncr1 essential for its activity

Glasner, A; Roth, Z; Varvak, A; Miletic, A; Isaacson, B; Bar-On, Y; Jonjic, S; Khalaila, I; Mandelboim, O; Cell Discovery; 2015.

Snippet: “…Samples were incubated with anhydrous hydrazine for 6 h at 60 °C to release the O-linked glycan (glycan hydrazinolysis kit, Catalog no. GK50202; ProZyme, Hayward, California)). Exoglycosidase digestion of the sialic acid was performed on the released, 2AB-labeled glycan solution containing Arthrobacter ureafaciens sialidase (sialidase A, cleaves both 2,3 and 2,6 sialic acid residues; ABS, ProZyme...”

Product: Glycan hydrazinolysis kit, sialidase A

An integrated proteomics approach shows synaptic plasticity changes in an APP/PS1 Alzheimers mouse model

Kempf, SJ; Metaxas, A; Ibáñez-Vea, M; Darvesh, S; Finsen B; Larsen MR Oncotarget.; 2016;: 9092.

Snippet: “…The dried modified peptides were deglycosylated in 20 mM TEAB, pH 8.0 with N-glycosidase F (P0705L, Biolabs) and Sialidase A (GK80046, ProZyme) at 37°C overnight...”

Product: Sialidase A

Expression Depression of CD300LG-γ in Human Pulmonary Carcinoma

Zhai, S; Xu, H; Jiang, X; Sun, S; Qin, L; Wei, D; Hu, L; Monoclon Antib Immunodiagn Immunother; 2016; 35(2): 94-9.

Snippet: “… After addition of enzyme mixture (50 mU/mL of alpha 1,3,4-LL-fucosidase (TaKaRa), 0.16 U/mL sialidase (ProZyme), 0.1 U/mL beta-1,4-galactosidase (ProZyme), 2 U/mL beta-N- acetylglucosaminidase (ProZyme), 40 mU/mL incision enzymatic alpha-N-acetamido- …”

Product: Sialidase, beta-1,4-galactosidase, beta-N- acetylglucosaminidase