Citations - Sialic Acid Quantitation

9-O-Acetylation of sialic acids is catalysed by CASD1 via a covalent acetyl-enzyme intermediate

Baumann, AM; Bakkers, MJ; Buettner, FF; Hartmann, M; Grove, M; Langereis, MA; de Groot, RJ; Mühlenhoff, M; Nat Commun; 2015; 6: 7673.

Snippet: “…For the assignment of individual peaks, the DMB-labelled Glyko sialic acid reference panel (ProZyme) was used...”

Product: DMB-labelled sialic acid reference panel

Characterization of the N-acetylneuraminic acid synthase (NeuB) from the psychrophilic fish pathogen Moritella viscosa

Berg, TO; Gurung, MK; Altermark, B; Smalås, AO; Ræder, IL; Carbohydr. Res.; 2015; 402: 133-45.

Snippet: “…A standard of Neu5Ac (Sigma) and a 144 T.O. Berg et al. / Carbohydrate Research 402 (2015) 133–145 reference panel with a mixture of the Sias; Neu5Gc, Neu5Ac, Neu5,7Ac2, Neu5Gc9Ac, Neu5,9Ac2 and Neu5,(7/8)9Ac3 (ProZyme) were also subjected to derivatization with DMB…”

Product: Neu5Gc, Neu5Ac, Neu5,7Ac2, Neu5Gc9Ac, Neu5,9Ac2 and Neu5,(7/8)9Ac3

Xenogeneic-free defined conditions for derivation and expansion of human embryonic stem cells with mesenchymal stem cells

Akutsu, H; Machida, M; Kanzaki, S; Sugawara, T; Ohkura, T; Nakamura, N; Yamazaki-Inoue, M; Miura, T; Vemuri, MC; Rao, Mahendra; Miyado, K; Umezawa, A; Regenerative Therapy; 2015; 1: 18-29.

Snippet: “…y. The DMB-derivatized sialic acid was identified by comparing retention times with those of known standards (Glyko Sialic acid reference panel; ProZyme, California; #GKRP-2503) that were similarly treated...”

Product: Glyko Sialic acid reference panel