Streptavidin-R-Phycoerythrin [PJRS27]

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PhycoLink® Streptavidin-R-Phycoerythrin.

PhycoPro™ R-PE was conjugated to Streptavidin (Streptomyces avidinii). PJRS27 is specifically manufactured for optimum performance in Tetramer and Multimer applications as well as Flow Cytometry and bead-based assays such as the Luminex® platform.

Size:  1 mg, 10 mg

Product Code: PJRS27


Q. Which Streptavidin-RPE and Streptavidin-APC conjugates should I use in a tetramer application?


We suggest PJRS25, which is used in the protocol developed by the NIH tetramer core facility at Emory.

PJRS27 may also be an option for this application. It is smaller than PJRS25, although still classed as a medium-sized conjugate within the ProZyme range. We suggest avoiding larger conjugates such as PJRS20.


PJ27S Streptavidin-APC is used in the Emory tetramer protocol.

We do not suggest using PJ25S, this is a large APC conjugate which may not be optimal for this application. PJ25S is larger than PJ27S and may give higher signal but may also have higher background.

Q. ProZyme has a number of Streptavidin-R-Phycoerythrin conjugates. How are they different and which one should I use?

A. Our range of Streptavidin-R-Phycoerythrin (SA-RPE) conjugates differ in overall size. We recommend that you test our conjugates to find out which is the best for your system. 

Please contact us to set up a sample to test in your application or order the SA-RPE sampler kit, PJ3SX, that contains the following conjugates (0.25mg ea): PJRS20PJRS301PJRS34PJRS25PJRS27PJ39S

 Product Size Application

PJRS301†  PJRS20  PJRS34

Large Luminex and other bead based assays  


Medium Tetramer
PJ39S Small Flow cytometry

 PJRS301 is our newest conjugate, developed for long-term signal consistency.

PJRS25 is used in the NIH (Emory) Tetramer Core Facility protocol published online, along with our streptavidin-APC (allophycocyanin) conjugate PJ27S. 

Q. What dilution should I use for your SA-RPE conjugates?

A. We don’t have set protocols for our SA-RPE conjugates, as this may depend on your system & application. Please contact us if you are interested in a sample to test. Below are some suggestions.


For our SA-RPE Luminex QC assay we dilute to 10 μg/ml and add 25 μl (0.25 μg) per well. Dilution of SA-RPE to 2-20 μg/ml for addition to the wells is a good starting point for Luminex.

Flow cytometry

We don’t have specific dilution suggestions for flow, the final conjugate concentration needed in your system should be determined by titration to optimize signal & background. However, dilutions covering the following concentration range might be a decent starting point:

0.01 μg/ml, 0.03 μg/ml, 0.1 μg/ml, 0.3 μg/ml

MHC tetramers

We suggest using the NIH (Emory) Tetramer Core Facility protocol as a starting point, using PJRS25 (SA-RPE) and PJ27S (SA-APC).


Product Safety Documentation for PJRS27:

Product/Part No. Description
PJRS27 Streptavidin-R-Phycoerythrin