Enzymatic Deglycosylation Kit for N-Linked & Simple O-Linked Glycans [GK80110]

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(formerly GE50)

Contains all enzymes & reagents needed to remove all N-linked glycans & simple O-linked glycans (including polysialylated) from glycoproteins. See the product manual for an example using bovine fetuin.

N-Glycanase (PNGase F) cleaves all N-linked complex, hybrid or high mannose oligosaccharides unless α(1,3) core fucosylated (asparagine must be peptide-bonded at both termini).

Unfortunately there is no such “universal” endoglycosidase for O-glycans, these have to be trimmed down to Gal-GalNAc-O-S/T before O-glycanase (GK80090) can remove the Gal-GalNAc structure. Modification of this core with e.g. sialic acid will block O-glycanase.

Sialidase A (GK80040) is included in the kit and can remove terminal sialic acid from sialylated T antigen/Core 1 (Sia-Gal-GalNAc-O-S/T) to reveal core 1 Gal-GalNAc. The GK80115 extender kit (β(1,4)Galactosidase & β-N-Acetylglucosaminidase), available separately, can assist with removal of e.g. core 2 structures (GlcNAc-Gal-GalNAc-S/T). However, for more extended & complex O-glycans structures these enzymes will not be sufficient to reveal Gal-GalNAc. For more on O-GalNAc glycan core structures, please see reference [1].

Size: 1 kit (~2 mg of glycoprotein)

Product Code: GK80110

1. , , and . Essentials of Glycobiology. 2nd edition. Cold Spring Harbor (NY): Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press; 2009. Chapter 29, O-GalNAc Glycans.

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GK80110 Instruction Manual  

Product Citations
  1. Matsuda C, Shiota Y, Sheikh AM, Okazaki R, Yamada K, Yano S, Minohata T, Matsumoto KI, Yamaguchi S, Nagai A. Quantification of CSF cystatin C using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.  2018 Mar;478:1-6

Product Safety Documentation for GK80110:

Product/Part No. Description
GK80110 GlycoPro™ Enzymatic Deglycosylation Kit for N-Linked & Simple O-Linked Glycans 

US-Bovine Fetuin Control 

GB-Bovine Fetuin Control 

WS0041 N-Glycanase® PNGase F
WS0042 Sialidase A™
WS0043 O-Glycanase™
WS0046 5x Reaction Buffer 
WS0056 Denaturation Solution 
WS0057 Detergent Solution