InstantQ™ A3 (G3S3) [GKSQ-314]

$ 159.00


InstantQ tri-sialylated-, galactosylated triantennary complex N-glycan (InstantQ A3)

N-Glycan labeled with InstantQ for use as a qualitative standard with the Gly-Q Glycan Analysis System.

Alternative glycan names: G3S3, A3G3S3, A2G(4)3S(6)3

Product Code: GKSQ-314


Structure drawn in CFG format (1) using GlycoWorkbench (2).  

  1. CFG: Functional Glycomics Gateway [Internet]. Symbol and Text Nomenclature for Representation of Glycan Structure. Nomenclature Committee, Consortium for Functional Glycomics; [2012; cited 2015 Oct 6]. Available from:
  2. Ceroni A, Maass K, Geyer H, Geyer R, Dell A, Haslam SM. GlycoWorkbench: a tool for the computer-assisted annotation of mass spectra of glycans.  2008 Apr;7(4):1650-9.

Product Safety Documentation for GKSQ-314:

Product/Part No. Description
GKSQ-314 InstantQ A3 (G3S3)