GlykoPrep®-plus Labware Set [AM96-NG]

$ 261.00


Labware for GlykoPrep®-plus Rapid N-Glycan Sample Preparation on the Agilent AssayMAP Bravo Liquid Handling Platform.


    • 1 ea WS0304  12-Column Reservoir Plate (5-pack)
    • 3 ea WS0305  96-Well, PCR Plate 
    • 2 ea WS0306  96-Deep, Square-Well Plate 
    • 1 ea WS0307  Pipette-Tip Box (96-tips)
    • 1 ea WS0308  96-Well, U-Bottom Plate (10-pack)
For bulk purchases of any of the above components, please inquire.

      Size: 1 ea

      Product Code: AM96-NG