GlykoPrep® Rapid N-Glycan Preparation with 2-AB (24-ct) [GP24NG-AB]

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    • GS24-RX Digestion Module
    • GS24-AB Rapid-Reductive-Amination™ 2-AB Labeling Module
    • GS24-CU Cleanup Module

The GlykoPrep® platform dramatically streamlines glycoprotein sample preparation. From purification to glycan release and labeling, the entire sample prep can be completed in 4 hours.

    • Non-selective, rapid release and recovery of intact N-glycans
    • Flexible, high-throughput format: process 1 to 192 samples per run (2 kits simultaneously)
    • Rapid-Reductive-Amination™ labeling with 2-AB
    • Purified, fluorescently labeled N-glycans are produced in water and ready for analysis without concentrating or drying
    • Compatible with microplate liquid handling on a broad range of automation platforms

The GlykoPrep Sample Preparation System requires minimal equipment. Contact us for more information on this workflow.

Size: 1 kit (24-ct)

Product Code: GP24NG-AB

Tech Info

GP24NG-AB Instruction Manual

GP24NG-AB Microfuge Method Instruction Manual 

GlykoPrep Guidebook  

Product Citations
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Product Safety Documentation for GP24NG-AB:

Product/Part No. Description
GS24-RX  GlykoPrep Digestion Module 
WS0283 Digestion (RX) Cartridges
WS0256 Immobilization Reagent Set
WS0226 Denaturation Reagent
WS0255 Blocking Reagent
WS0259 Digestion Reagent Set
WS0229 Finishing Reagent
WS0276 25X Digestion Buffer
WS0278 N-Glycanase® (PNGase F)
GS24-AB GlykoPrep 2-AB Labeling Module
WS0302 2-AB Solution
WS0300 Reductant Solution
GS24-CU GlykoPrep Cleanup Module
WS0293 GlykoPrep Cleanup Module

Certificates of Analysis

This kit contains multiple modules, each with their own Certificate of Analysis, which may be searched for & accessed here.