GlykoScreen™ Rapid Sialic Acid Quantitation Kit [GS300]

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GlykoScreen™ Rapid Sialic Acid Quantitation Kit

Rapid quantitation of total sialic acid by fluorescence detection, either free or released from intact glycoproteins

    • Automatable, 96-well microplate format with fluorescence detection
    • Sufficient for ~90 data points
    • Broad range of detection, 40 pmol - 1,000 pmol
    • Sample digestion, conversion, detection and quantitation performed in a single well for fast and simple processing
    • Enzymatic cleavage allows rapid analysis (~75 minutes or less) with minimal, if any, degradation of sialic acid

    Size: 1 kit

    Product Code: GS300

    Tech Info

    GS300 Technical Data Sheet 

    Posters & Publications

    Improved Sialic Acid Quantitation Assay Suitable for Robotics and Process Analytical Technology Applications

    Qualification of a Process Analytical Technology for Quantifying Sialic Acid on Therapeutic Proteins Using Two Instrument Platforms

    An Enzyme-based Sialic Acid Quantitation Assay for Rapid Screening of Therapeutic Glycoproteins During Process Development: A Potential Process Analytical Technology


    Product Safety Documentation for GS300:

    Product/Part No. Description
    GS300 GlykoScreen™ Rapid Sialic Acid Quantitation Kit
    WS0049 5x Reaction Buffer B 
    GK80040 Glyko® Sialidase A™
    WS0176 Conversion Reaction Buffer
    WS0177 Conversion Reagents
    WS0178 Dye
    WS0179 DMSO

    US-HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase)

    GB-HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase)

    WS0181 HRP Buffer
    WS0182 Sialic Acid Standard Solution


    Certificates of Analysis

    This kit contains multiple modules, each with their own Certificate of Analysis, which may be searched for & accessed here.