Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit [GKK-804]

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Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit 

The Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit improves on the traditional 2-AB Labeling Kit (GKK-404) by providing the 2-AB and Reductant already in solution. You can now use what you need, and store the rest of the kit for later use. No more glass ampoules!

We also increased the pack size for the Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit, allowing you to process up to 48 samples.

We have a Quality Memo to confirm interchangeability of GKK-404 and GKK-804. GKK-804 can be used as a direct replacement for GKK-404: when mixed, the GKK-804 2-AB labeling solution will be the same as what is made when all components of GKK-404 are combined.

Size: 1 ea. (1 x 48 rxns)

Product Code: GKK-804

Tech Info

GKK-804 Technical Data Sheet 


Q. Can GKK-804 be used as a direct replacement for GKK-404?

A. Yes. After combining the reagents as directed, the final formulation of the 2-AB labeling reagent is the same for both GKK-404 and GKK-804. We have supplied a Quality Memo to confirm this.

GKK-804 offers a few advantages over the older GKK-404 kit: there are no glass ampoules, no reconstitution, you can use what you need and store the rest at -20C for up to 6 months.

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Product Safety Documentation for GKK-804:

Product/Part No. Description
GKK-804 Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit 
WS0322 2-AB Solution
WS0323 Reductant Solution