Signal Glycan Labeling Kits use reductive amination chemistry to label released glycans with 2-AB. The new GKK-804 kit makes this process even easier by eliminating ampoules and providing both the label and reductant in solution. Use only what you need and store the rest for later!

Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit [GKK-804]

$ 308.00

Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit  The Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit improves on the traditional 2-AB...

Signal™ 2-AB Labeling Kit [GKK-404]

$ 231.00

Signal™ 2-AB Labeling Kit Convenient fluorescent labeling of glycans with 2-AB (2-aminobenzamide) by reductive...

Signal™ Reductive Amination Reagent Kit (Label-Free) [GKK-400]

$ 225.00

Signal™ Reductive Amination Reagent Kit (Label-Free) Provides reagents to enable labeling of glycans by reductive...