Glyko® Sialidase A™ Sampler Kit [GK80043]

$ 256.00


Try our lower MW sialidase A isoforms for challenging sialidase digests. This Sampler Kit contains 1 vial each of 3 isoforms (88, 66 and 51 kDa) of the enzyme Sialidase A™. Lower MW sialidases may help desialylate glycans if steric hindrance is an issue with regular sialidase.

Each enzyme vial contains 200 mU in 40 µl. Also included is one vial 5x Reaction Buffer (1 ml). These products are available for purchase separately in 1-Unit pack sizes under the individual product codes GK80040 (88 kDa), GK80046 (66 kDa) and GK80045 (51 kDa).

Sialidases are also known as neuraminidases.

Recombinant gene from Arthrobacter ureafaciens expressed in E. coli.

Size: 1 ea

Product Code: GK80043

Concentration: ≥ 5 U/ml (all isoforms)


Product Safety Documentation for GK80043:

Product/Part No. Description
WS0049 5x Reaction Buffer B