Anti-GST (Type 1)-Allophycocyanin Conjugate [PJ252P1]

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PhycoLink® αGST (Type 1)-Allophycocyanin

ProZyme® PhycoPro™ GT5™ APC (Spirulina platensis) cross-linked and conjugated to Goat Anti-GST (Type 1) antibody. The conjugate has been purified to remove unreacted components in order to improve sensitivity and reduce non-specific binding. As a final step, the product was filtered using a 0.45µm membrane and stored in a sterile container.

Size: 0.25mg, 1mg, 10mg

Product Code: PJ252P1


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Product/Part No. Description
PJ252P1 Anti-GST (Type 1)-Allophycocyanin Conjugate