ProZyme Joins Agilent

On August 1st, Agilent completed the acquisition of ProZyme. ProZyme provides a greater scale to Agilent's biopharma consumables business and enhances Agilent's value proposition by providing our customers a complete glycan analysis workflow solution.

Below are answers to common questions about ProZyme and Agilent. 

Q: Who do I contact to order ProZyme products, or request product information?

Agilent cannot process any orders for ProZyme products until the acquisition is closed and integration is completed. For now, please visit the ProZyme website for guidance on ordering directly or through ProZyme's distributor network, and for product information. 


Q: Who do I contact for technical support related to ProZyme products?

You can continue to contact ProZyme technical support representatives at 1 (800) 457-9444 or email We are available to answer your questions from 9.00am to 6.00pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Technical support for ProZyme Europe customers is available at +45 44 20 98 74, from 9.00am to 6.00pm CET, Monday through Friday. 


Q: Can Agilent customers include ProZyme products on their Agilent orders?

For now, all orders for ProZyme products must be handled through ProZyme's distributor network and website, until the acquisition is closed and integration is completed. 


Q: Will part numbers stay the same?

For now, part numbers for ProZyme products will stay the same.