ProZyme, Inc. Launch Gly-Q System for Integrated N-Glycan Analysis

ProZyme, Inc., a leading manufacturer of reagents and tools for glycobiology, today announced the launch of the Gly-Q™ Glycan Analysis System, an integrated platform for high-throughput, user-friendly glycoanalysis. The Gly-Q System will leverage ProZyme's expertise in rapid glycan sample preparation and analytical glycan reference standards, combined with a small capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) instrument powered by custom software for simplified glycan data analysis.

"We are delighted to introduce ProZyme's first instrument offering," said Sergey Vlasenko, Ph.D., President and CEO of ProZyme. "We have led the way in speeding up glycan sample preparation in the past few years, but data analysis has still been a bottleneck. With our new system, cell line development and analytical groups at biopharma companies can determine the glycan profiles of their samples faster, while reducing overall costs. I believe this system could benefit researchers running glycomic analysis of large datasets including clinical samples."

Protein glycosylation is a post-translational modification that can influence the efficacy and safety of therapeutic proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, and N-glycosylation can be a critical quality attribute. Protein glycosylation can also serve as a signature of a specific disease state. Traditional methods for N-glycan analysis involve slow and labor-intensive steps for sample preparation, glycan separation and data analysis. ProZyme introduces the Gly-Q system to enable high-throughput and accessible glycan analysis for use in biotherapeutic development, and to aid in glycan biomarker discovery.

At the front end of the Gly-Q workflow, ProZyme Gly-X chemistry enzymatically releases N-glycans from glycoproteins with PNGase F in 5 minutes, and released N-glycans are instantly labeled with a fluorescent dye that enables separation by CGE. The entire sample preparation protocol can be completed in as little as 45 minutes, and is automatable. Fluorescently-labeled N-glycans are then separated on the Gly-Q CGE instrument with a run time of 2 minutes per sample, allowing 96 samples to be prepared and analyzed within a single 8-hour work day. The instrument features an easily-replaceable Gly-Q cartridge containing a capillary and gel matrix.

Gly-Q instrument control and N-glycan data analysis is facilitated by custom-built Gly-Q Manager software. Migration standards are co-injected with each sample, which along with a ladder standard enables automatic data alignment and the calculation of glucose unit (GU) values for each sample peak. GU values for samples are then compared against built-in and customizable N-glycan reference libraries for peak assignment. Analysis is enhanced with ProZyme's glycan reference standards and exoglycosidase enzymes.

The combined Gly-Q System for N-glycan sample preparation, separation and analysis is exclusively marketed by ProZyme worldwide.

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