GlykoPrep® InstantPC™ Labeling Module (24-ct) [GS24-PC]



InstantPC dye presents a novel instant glycan labeling reagent that provides markedly increased MS and fluorescent sensitivity. InstantPC forms a stable urea linkage with glycosylamines released by rapid N-Glycanase (PNGase F) digestion.

InstantPC is shown to lend itself to both rapid (5-minute) and high-resolution (60-minute) HILIC methods for N-glycan separation, allowing flexibility for screening applications and in-depth characterization.

Tech Info

GP24NG-PC GlykoPrep InstantPC Instruction Manual 

GP24NG-PC GlykoPrep InstantPC Microfuge Instruction Manual 

GlykoPrep Guidebook 


Product Safety Documentation for GS24-PC:

Product/Part No. Description
WS0338 InstantPC Dye
WS0339 InstantPC Dye Solvent



Development of an Instant Glycan Labeling Dye for High Throughput Analysis by Mass Spectrometry 

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