Signal™ 2-AB Labeling Kit [GKK-404]

$ 225.00


Signal™ 2-AB Labeling Kit

Convenient fluorescent labeling of glycans with 2-AB (2-aminobenzamide) by reductive amination. Any purified glycan or glycan pool with a free reducing sugar may be labeled. Up to 36 samples may be processed (2 batches of 18). Cleanup columns and cartridges must be purchased separately.

For an updated version of this kit please see GKK-804, Signal™ 2-AB-plus Labeling Kit, in which the 2-AB and Reductant are supplied already in solution.

Size: 2 sets (2 x 18 rxns)

Product Code: GKK-404

Tech Info

GKK-404 Technical Data Sheet  


Product Safety Documentation for GKK-404:

Product/Part No. Description
GKK-404 Signal™ 2-AB Labeling Kit 
WS0024 Vial A (2-AB Dye)
WS0025 Vial B (DMSO)
WS0026 Vial C (Acetic Acid)
WS0027 Vial D (Reductant)


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